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Who has had the pleasure of bowling on a Tiff Dwarf green? For those who have, we are sure you would have enjoyed the experience of having a green where the line of the bowl is true and there is plenty of finish on the delivery.

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Tiff Dwarf greens

Hill Top Golf & Country Club offer two Tiff Dwarf greens. Hill Top has been selected as a host club for the Victorian open in multiple events, along with various other regional and state events.

With quality greens and an outstanding venue with caravan sites and a fully functional bistro and bar facilities you are sure to find your stay with us more than enjoyable!

Major event for the Ladies is our Top Doller Event staged in April, two bowl triples with loads of prizes.

Major event for the Men is Ritchie Trevaskis Memorial held in annually commencing on the second Saturday in September, a 2 day event over the weekend, two bowl triples.

The annual Corporate Bowls Challenge is a conducted over the four Wednesday nights of February.  The Corporate Bowls Challenge is a great social event with a friendly rivalry between local businesses.

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