After Round 0 1 of our Tipping competition result.


Following Round 0 and Round 1 of our Tipping competition, the Order of Merit table has been updated to reflect the current standings. Leading the pack is Geoff Lipshut with 10 points, closely followed by Sharon Risstrom, David Cornwall, Steven Curtiss, Scott Carter, and Paul Newman, all tied with 10 points each. Marita Cornwall, Robert Wildes, Judy Baker, and David Roberts are not far behind, with 9 points apiece.

Further down the list, Greg Toy, Peter Caldow, Mark Bentley, Susan Atkinson, Michael Suster, Chris Longbottom, Damien Lipshut, and Geraldine Pollard are in the middle of the pack with varying point totals. Bringing up the rear is Gavin Thomas with 4 points.

These standings are based on the results of Round 1, and the competition is heating up as the participants continue to make their predictions. Stay tuned for more updates as the competition progresses and see who will emerge as the ultimate tipping champion.